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Don't Be a Hoarder: Sharing with social media


Knowledge is power. If you have worked or do work in a corporate environment, you know there are two camps of people: those confident individuals who share their expertise and information for the betterment of the team and those who hoard.

I’m not talking about the cubicle dwellers with too many tchotchkes on their desk and a magnet collection that threatens to tilt the Earth off its axis. I mean people who hang onto to what they know, so that they are the only resource for people to come to for that particular information. They think it gives them importance. They think it gives them stroke.

If you are in business, hoarding knowledge of that which makes you crazy good at what you do, fearing that someone will be able to use it to surpass you, you don’t understand that your brand value is more than facts and knowledge. Knowledge is a tool. Like any tool, it’s only as good as the skilled artisan who uses it.

With information so readily available online, it’s not how much you know, it’s how you use it to bring value to your target market. You, as the expert, can lead the exchange of information and knowledge. When people are aware of what a great resource you are, you own the position as an expert—the go-to source.

So how do you do that?

Today, social media, used consistently and properly, is huge for reputation building. You don’t have to wait for a conference, publish a paper or put out a news release. You can record and post your point of view on a YouTube video. You can share that video on your web site, blog or company’s social media pages. But, social media for business, especially, technical businesses can be daunting.

So to keep you from feeling like a deer in the social media headlights, here is a start to focus your ideas for sharing.

Social media, used well, affords an opportunity for you to stay top-of-mind as well as to showcase your expertise. You will position yourself as a very knowledgeable resource. You won’t have to chase business; it will seek you out.

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