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Going Viral: Turning brand apathy into adoration


Maybe your customers and your stakeholders just don’t feel the love for your brand anymore. Perhaps your soundtrack has become “The Thrill is Gone.” Well, Bunkie, it’s time to bring sexy back to your brand.

You need to step it up. If you’ve become predictable or boring, it’s time to rekindle some excitement around your brand value. You don’t want clients and potential customers distracted by the Next Big Thing your competitors may be doing.

So step out of the shadows and acknowledge, loud and proud, what makes your products or services special. That’s right. It’s time to go viral!

Don’t step back and say, “Who me?” or worse yet, “Why me?” Lots of brands have found a way to take what may have seemed like a mundane, dull product or service and turn it into a media darling.

Have you seen the Suburu ads? It’s not a car that’s really on my radar, but these ads pulled my focus. And remember the E*trade baby? What a media darling he became. And, let’s face it, it’s hard to get most people revved up about money management. Then, there’s the animal rescue group that was smart enough to hire the guy who makes the talking dog videos to promote their fundraising and adoption efforts.

So what’s the secret sauce that took all of these videos viral?

While not all videos will go broad market viral, if yours is industry specific, it can be used as part of your brand building plan to promote and position yourself as an expert. And, it can spark some renewed love for your brand.

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