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Resurfacing the Road Ahead: Branding through Mergers and Divestitures


I am lucky to live in my city’s “most walkable neighborhood.” While that conjures up an image of urban bliss, the reality is that we probably earned the distinction because our roads are so nearly impassible with potholes that you can’t drive. Picture cobblestones without the charm.

Rather than laying out a strategy to consistently move forward with long lasting resurfacing solutions, the Powers That Be choose to send out a hole-filler (picture a giant mechanical mosquito) that drops a pile of gravel in the hole and squirts a tar-y, gummy, oily substance on top of it. After years of this, the patches have patches, so the road is textured but still not very navigable.

I’ve seen companies going through mergers or divestitures treat their brand in the same way. Rather than a pre-, post-, and during the change strategy, brand becomes an afterthought and ends up with a hit-and-miss band-aid implementation as it emerges from the aftermath. It only gets worse as time goes on, with patched on programs delivering short-term “solutions.”

Leaders in these situation can lay the foundation for long-term results by:

Change is always a challenge for personnel, leadership, customers and stakeholders. Help your audience prepare for what’s ahead. Ease into the transition with a written plan. Maintain consistency at each step of the way. Communicate what to expect and smooth out any bumps in the road right away. You’ll be paving the way for successfully transitioning the brand.

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