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Staying Sticky: 3 Big reasons for communication consistency

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I was lucky enough to spend a lovely week traveling along the South Florida Gulf Coast last month. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to arise at first light and walk the beach. The sound of waves encourages creative thinking and recharges the mental batteries.

Walking along and making the first visible footprints in the sand feels powerful. But, unless you keep retreading the same spot and imprinting footprints again, they will disappear, either washed away or covered over by those who follow in your wake.

The same holds true for building your brand. Whether you use a regular email communication, vlog or social media to reach your audience, you need to do so with consistency and predictability. Why?

Itís easy to take your relationship with your audience for granted. “They know where to find me when they want something” is arrogant and lazy. Treat your relationship with your customers and potential clients with respect and nurture it with communication. Keep your brand sticking in their minds.

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