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Succinct for Success: Your three word challenge

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I believe that everyone you know knows someone who could use your services. That’s why on any occasion you should be prepared to inspire, delight and build your brand.

Let’s say you are at a Business After Hours event or even at a social event. A stranger comes up to chitchat and ultimately asks the dreaded question, “So, what do you do?”

Is your answer:

  1. “I’m a [insert job description here].”

  2. [awkward pause; deer in the headlights face]

  3. “Well I just started a new job…I used to work at…before that I was…” [otherwise known as TMI…you can tell when the listener’s eyes begin to glaze over].

This is a good time to remember that genius is born in limitation. Less is more. A few enticing, carefully curated words are all you need. Your goal in this situation is to leave the person interested and curious to learn more about you and your business. You want them to engage in conversation.

“So, what’s wrong with Answer A?” you may wonder. Introducing yourself as your job description is a conversation killer. It puts you in a box. The listener is already mentally grouping you with all the others with that job description and likely has already formed an opinion. You have missed an opportunity to differentiate yourself. You failed to build your personal or your company’s brand.

If you answered B: either you’re painfully shy; The Sixties were very good to you; or you just show up everyday and have no real idea why.

Answer C: You need to think about what the asker really wants to hear—not your entire resume. They want to know what your passion is, why what you do each day revs your engine, and what value you bring. They want to hear about your secret sauce. Sure they didn’t exactly ask, but they’d like to know. They would like you to be worth listening to. They want to be interested and entertained.

So, here’s my challenge to you: Find your essence. This week, I want you to think about what your value is, what makes you special, why people need what you offer, what makes you different from everyone else with the same job function. Distill that into 3 words and tell me what you do. Share it on LinkedIn, Facebook or just email me.

Being succinct begets success: people can remember three strong words. And that means they will remember your brand.

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