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Put Words in Their Mouth: Positioning your brand for referrals

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Have you ever been invited to speak at career day at school? You have to attract the interest of the students quickly, explain what you do simply and captivate them to want to hear more…at least a few minutes more.

In business, when asked, “What do you do?” your opportunity is a lot like Career Day: In a very limited timeframe you must grab your listeners’ attention and build intrigue to keep them wanting to hear more. Once they are listening, your goal is to connect and impress upon them a strong and clear concept of the value you bring to customers.

The hidden benefit? If they have a clear idea of what you do and get the impression that you are pretty stellar at it, they will remember you the next time someone mentions they have a need for which you provide the solution. They become your brand ambassadors—mini walking billboards—bringing the gold everyone wants: word-of-mouth referrals.

The way to make word-of-mouth referral work best is to put words in their mouths. Develop a clear and memorable phrase they can latch onto and repeat. Make it easy for people to talk about you.

“Oh, you’re looking for an investment firm? Well Joe is the Money Magician.” “You are concerned about safety on your offshore project? Talk to Andy—the focus of their services is risk engineering to save lives.”

I always say everyone you know knows someone who needs your services or products. If you are clear about your value and give listeners the words they need to describe it to others, you position your brand in their minds. Once you own that mental real estate, you become the go-to resource they will recommend. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What you overlook is hurting your brand. Your BIP Score™ opens your eyes to opportunities to elevate your brand.

How valuable would it be like to pinpoint easy to implement changes that would immediately elevate your brand?

ALLE has launched a new program that scores your Brand Improvement Potential.

BIP ScoreThe BIP Score examines 5 critical areas where your brand meets your public. The executive summary pinpoints actions that can be implemented immediately to strengthen the brand experience.

It is ideal for businesses that have grown organically or companies who have evolved through mergers and need to clarify the brand image.

Email to learn more about the program and whether it is right for your business.

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