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Logo or No Go? 5 Tips for choosing your visual identity

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Size matters, but not in the way you think when it comes to your visual identity. The image that becomes your logo may take up a tiny speck of visual real estate on a golf ball or your business card, but the impact is huge. Your logo is an amazing, magical tool for imprinting a memory of your brand—and all experiences associated with it—into the viewer’s mind. It’s got a big job to do, so make sure it is up to the task.

Here are five things to examine when selecting your visual identity:

Logo development is not the opportunity to hire Cousin Eddie who is kind of artsy or to get a $5 logo on line. You get what you pay for and it shows. Your identity is an investment and a critical element of your brand strategy. If your logo is devoid of meaning, fails to evoke the “feeling” of your company or looks like you just don’t care, that reflects on your company.

Sometimes, your logo is the first impression people have of your organization. Don’t send it out into the world, unqualified to accomplish its critical mission: to deliver a strong, clear impression of your business style and to set an expectation of the experience your company delivers.

What do you overlook that is hurting your brand?

How valuable would it be to pinpoint easy to implement changes that would immediately elevate your brand?

ALLE has launched an introductory program that scores your Brand Improvement Potential.

BIP ScoreThe BIP Score examines 5 critical areas where your brand meets your public. The executive summary pinpoints actions that can be implemented immediately to strengthen the brand experience.

It is ideal for businesses that have grown organically or companies who have evolved through mergers and need to clarify the brand image.

Email to learn more about the program and whether it is right for your business.

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