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What's Your Praaah-blum? Targeting your biggest brand issue

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A former colleague, let’s call her Sammy, would start our brainstorming sessions by setting a scenario. I’d play the client and she’d intone in her nasally, New Jersey accent, “So, what’s your praaah-blum?” While it sounded like the challenge one might issue to an onlooker gawking at you too long, what she meant was, “What is your big issue? What is the problem your brand is facing?”

Seems like an obvious question. However, most of us dance around it. When asked, we will spit out a string of justifiers and avoid the question:

The reason we skirt around admitting that there is a problem may be that once we name it, we have to claim it: Yes, our brand is facing a big issue.

The big challenge facing any brand is failing to know your brand value—that’s your real why. You may have a mantra, a vision, and a mission statement, but those are just naval gazing—what you think about yourself; what you think you provide (fastest service; durable products; on-time arrival).

For the real why—the real value—you need to examine what customers say about you. How they recommend you to others. What they say about you in social media. How you’ve moved the needle for them. What you did that made a positive change in their businesses or their lives. How you made them feel.

For example, If you want to solve your biggest brand issue, look beyond your features and benefits. Discover and emphasize your real value. That’s where your opportunity lies. That’s what keeps your brand strong.

What do you overlook that is hurting your brand?

How valuable would it be to pinpoint easy to implement changes that would immediately elevate your brand?

ALLE has launched an introductory program that scores your Brand Improvement Potential.

BIP ScoreThe BIP Score examines 5 critical areas where your brand meets your public. The executive summary pinpoints actions that can be implemented immediately to strengthen the brand experience.

It is ideal for businesses that have grown organically or companies who have evolved through mergers and need to clarify the brand image.

Email to learn more about the program and whether it is right for your business.

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