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Like a Glove: Attracting the right customer to your brand

fits like a glove

For those of you who have been following this blog for years, you know I often draw parallels between branding and dating. Well, here we go again. Most of us have either enjoyed or suffered through dating at some time in our lives, so it just seems like a good analogy that most can viscerally comprehend.

Both dating and branding require a good and consistent amount of care and feeding to build a lasting, mutually satisfying relationship. And, building that relationship with your brand will help you support the 80-20 rule in business. Eighty percent of your business comes from twenty percent of your customers. Your goal is to keep that twenty percent very happy. But an even better goal is to study their profile to attract more of those who are like your twenty-percenters.

Why? Because

If you canít appreciate and respect one another, the relationship will require far too much effort and go nowhere. Fail-fail. Working with the wrong clients wonít build and may even damage your brand, because it inhibits you from bringing your A-game. As Iíve said many times, everyone is not your client. But, when you find a client relationship that fits like glove, nurture it. Youíll both be comfortable, productive and successful.

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