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Making Your Mark: When just okay isn’t good enough

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Oh, there are days. Days when you wish you could just dial it in. Days when leading your company and your brand can seem more like a burden than the challenging opportunity it should be. Days when you just want to get it done rather than dazzle.

But, that’s not an option because that’s not what great leaders do. When you are in charge the brand stops with you. Sure, everyone has the responsibility to “be the brand,” but ultimately, you lead the charge. And, “okay” just isn’t good enough.

Leaders of strong brands know they need to keep making their mark to support the business through tough times—weathering economic ups and downs, swatting at the “me, too” competitors nipping at your heels, or even combatting benign neglect.

That’s where implementing and executing go-to brand building practices and principles before crises arise can help. You won’t have to scramble when challenges pop up.

Here are some strategies and principles to keep your brand on its A-game:

Making your mark is about showing up with an attitude of gratitude and a thirst for providing the best customer experience—not once in a while, but every day in every way. It starts with having a foundation of clarity, principles and systems in place so you can capitalize on every opportunity to be great because just okay is never good enough to build great brands.

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