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Are You Camel Branding? Avoiding compromises that kill your brand


I know. You probably read that question and thought, “What the…?!?” I was inspired by this quote:

“A camel is a horse designed by committee.” Thank you Alec Issigonis for that insight.

I like a camel as much as the next person, but let’s face it: This is an odd looking beast. It has the look and smell of something cobbled together from disparate goals and misaligned viewpoints. It lacks that holistic something-something that would help you understand immediately what its purpose might be. It doesn’t look comfortable. It doesn’t look…well, capable. It looks like its concept team could have benefitted from a cohesive plan and perhaps fewer beers.

Sometimes developing the company brand can suffer the same fate. Too many well intentioned C-levels and executives working as a committee can spell disaster. Each may be certain of their perspective, which may or may not be based upon an informed opinion. In the end, compromises are made in the interest of completion and, well, it may become the aforementioned camel, rather than the elegant steed they intended.

So how can you prevent your brand development from resulting in an ineffective hodge-podge?

Trying to please everyone and allowing all opinions to carry equal weight in the development process will result in a confused, directionless brand. A strong brand needs leadership, direction, goals and distinctive positioning to succeed. A clear, unified vision will help you realize your branding dream and avoid a nightmare.

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