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Dialing Down the Drama: Managing expectations


During the holiday season, most of us are all hopped up on expectations. We hope Santa (or the beneficent being of choice) will bring us something nice. Wed like the relatives to get their Norman Rockwell on and behave well during those holiday get-togethers. And, if we have spent too much on gifts, wed like to win the lottery. All these pregnant hopes and expectations are a breeding ground for disappointment and its volatile cousins, Fury, Resentment and Drama. The key to minimizing all this drama is managing expectations.

Drama can also erupt in business situation. Customers may have preconceived notions of what a product will do or what a service should include. They might project their expectations onto your company and when you fail to deliver (from their point of view) all hell breaks loose. And when that happens, regardless of who is right, it damages your brand.

So, how do you protect your brand from undue drama?

The demands of a high-pressure business environment and our immediate gratification culture can set up any organization and its brand for drama. The key to minimizing the drama is to build expectations that are congruent with your business through clear communication. You will keep your brand reputation strong and the customer experience positive and memorable.

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