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Imagine That! Injecting excitement into the brand


I love to see a brand do something that surprises and delights—to interrupt the expected and grab my attention—to spark the imagination and engage me in the brand.

Ambient Advertising does just that. Ambient Advertising juxtaposes elements with the ambient environment to get a message across in a surprising way. It can be simple or involve complex 3-D creations. It is like environmental graphics on steroids. It could be the result of an illicit tryst between traditional advertising concepts and 3-D graphics.

Itís not new. It can be as simple as this example above that I clipped from the April 2005 issue of Creativity magazine—way before Pinterest. It resonates because it invites the viewer to participate to complete the idea. In this example, the Stone Ward Agency created a sticker to be placed on tomatoes in local grocery stores advertising open mic night at a local comedy club, Loony Bin. Clever—amateur night, hecklers, tomatoes. (Hopefully, no tomatoes were harmed in the making of this promotion.)

Today, we see all kinds of creative, attention getting examples. Most use humor. All are memorable. Scroll through these examples:

What do these have in common? Whether you have the resources to execute something as grand as some of these or as simple as the tomato sticker, catching your audience by surprise and taking an opportunity to bring some excitement to your brand, is always a great way to build your brand. What could you do?

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