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Prepare, Don't Scare: Easing your audience into your rebrand


Last week, as I was about to tuck into my oh-so-healthy lunch, I popped open a bag of baked lentil chips—don’t judge. I noticed a little sticker on the bag (as evidenced in the photo above) that told me to “Look for our NEW packaging soon” and prepared me for the bigger news, “Mediterranean Snacks® is becoming Saffron Road®.”

This was very smart on their part. They set us both up for a win-win situation. How?

This is a simple example, but in my corporate marketing days in the past, I’ve seen the Powers That Be miss the mark when merging a new acquisition. They failed to appreciate the benefits of strategically transitioning the brand.

Change is hard. We launch our expectation about a brand, product or experience from our comfort zone—from what we know for sure. How you prepare your existing client base to accept your transition is key. Engage them in the process. Communicate the change. Make them feel part of your tribe. Not only will you maintain your customer base, you will build brand ambassadors.

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