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It’s What I Like About You: Revealing your brand value


Clients come to you for any number of reasons. Not all of them are what you’d expect. That’s right, it may not just be your good looks and scintillating conversation. That’s why it is essential to step back and discover the real why that keeps prospects interested and customers loyal.

Understanding the essence of the value you bring to your audience is a process. It’s best to get a second set of eyes and a neutral third party involved in that process. One of the first things I do when embarking on the brand journey with clients is a facilitation session. I ask questions that go beyond a simple creative brief, because I really want some soul-searching answers.

Another way you can get some clarity is by engaging in a team exercise. Brainstorm a Features, Benefits, Values list.

Here’s a basic example: And another: Whether you invest in a brand consultant or take steps on your own, getting a clear understanding of what sets you apart and why clients choose your company will guide you to position your business effectively and strengthen your brand.

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