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Big Mistake: How NOT to elevate your brand


I listened to a story last week that was so rife with missed opportunities for success that it inspired this “How NOT To…” article. Names are withheld to protect the guilty.

If you are or have been in a large corporate environment or have interacted with one, you may find this scenario all too familiar. Vehicle Services Company, let’s call them VSC for short, has grown to be the top provider in their specific service niche. VSC did it right as they grew: they refreshed their logo, updated the trade dress for the facilities and kept the collateral and web site fresh—and involved stakeholders throughout the process.

But, they have hit a ceiling. Their next opportunity to evolve the brand is through expanding the service offering. Okay, so let’s roll! They explore options for how to tie that into the existing branding. And then this happened.

The parent company decides to bring their big brains to bear on the issue. Enter two new corporate marketing people. Their job is to examine how to integrate the expanded service offering into the brand. So they dial up the agency of record for the corporate Mothership and begin the process. Here is where it went off the rails:

Brand management and brand evolution rely on strong awareness of the brand, its personality, its strengths and weaknesses. Dive deep into the well of experience. Listen to those who are passionate about the brand. Bring your stakeholders into the process. Do what’s right for the brand over what massages the ego.

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