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Pump Up the Painkiller: Highlighting how you bring relief


If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you care about gaining the trust of a customer and maintaining a strong, mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. The bond of clients and providers is like a good marriage: if you find ways to keep them happy, surprise them by making their lives easier and are interested in discovering and satisfying their unmet needs, you will have a long and happy association.

Relationship building is the foundation of building your brand. Often it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it. Usually, it’s not the difference in the product, but the way you provide service. It’s being tuned in so you can spot what is causing them “pain” then bringing the relief.

So how can you pump up the painkiller?

Chances are being the “painkiller” is second nature to you; but positioning it as the value your brand brings is not. Take time with your team to see how you have gone the extra mile. Document the situation, how your approach went above and beyond or provided a creative solution, and the resulting value to your customer.

Shine the light on what sets you apart. Don’t make customers hunt for what makes your brand the right choice.

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