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Your Logo: Small symbol, big responsibility


I got a call the other day from someone who had a successful business and was dipping his toe in the water to partner in another business. He wanted just a logo—just something to put on a business card. Warning sirens and loud horns started blaring in my head. There is no such thing as “just a logo.”

Even if you are in start-up mode and cannot afford a professional logo, you don’t need just a logo. As a temporary measure, you would be better off with just your business name and contact information in a nice layout with a decent font.

Why? This little symbol bears a huge responsibility and needs to be designed to succeed in its mission.

Your logo:

For a logo to fulfill its destiny, it must be properly conceived. It starts with an in-depth discovery processes, concepts and refinements. It ends with a finished element that will identify your organization in a memorable way. It also includes brand guidelines so that the logo and its use in any trade dress, media or collateral are correct and consistent so you make a recognizable, memorable impression at every instance where your brand interacts with its public.

A professional logo represents your commitment to your business and your clarity about why customers should do business with you. So it’s never just a logo.

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