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Right vs. Right Now: Planning to build your best brand


Remember the old Eagles tune, Desperado? That’s the soundtrack I hear in my mind when I get a breathy call saying, “I need a new logo. How fast can you put something together?”

Branding represents the essence of what makes you different, better and special. Do you really want a 24-hour turnaround? Did it take you a week to build your business? Do you want your audience’s first impression of you to be, “Wow they look pretty fly-by-night!”

Branding is something that requires planning. It is an investment that drives how clients and stakeholders will perceive you. It needs your commitment to do it right.

Here are some elements to consider when you plan to brand or rebrand:

Understanding your goals and the soul of your business is the first step to building your brand. Invest the time and effort to do it the right way. You are laying the foundation upon which you’ll build your brand and your future. Be a hero, not a desperado.

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