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The Purpose Behind the Pretty: Logos that captivate your clan


Selecting your logo design is about as hard as choosing a baby name. You want to make the right choice—you will have to live with it for a long time. You want it to represent your brand values, showcase your brand personality, and resonate with your target audience.

Your team researches to make sure the company invests wisely in a brand consultancy or designer who will discover what makes your company special. Then, once the branding firm has a good idea of what your brand is about, they set to work producing concepts with which to awe and dazzle you.

The reveal can be overwhelming—so many creative ideas to sort through. It’s easy to gravitate toward the ones that immediately appeal to you personally, but your mission is to select the one that best supports your brand building goals.

Before you even peek at the presentation, develop a list of judging criteria. You should consider:

Choosing the right logo to represent your brand relies upon a blend of practical and aesthetic factors. An impressive design on paper can damage the perception of your company if it reproduces poorly or doesn’t work in all the environments in which it will be used. When you focus on your purpose, evaluate the usability and are clear about your clan—clients, public and stakeholders—you’ll get a hardworking logo that will serve you well and is more than a pretty face.

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