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Hiding in Plain Sight: A customer experience in two acts


Act One

I saw an article last week in our local business district enewsletter about a neighborhood jeweler. As it happened I had been looking for someone for some minor repair work.

When I visited him, I discovered that his shop—which I pass by at least weekly—has been in the same spot since 2003 and I never knew it existed. Of course, my small bit of business won’t make his year, but getting the word out will. I will refer people to him, as will others. The snowball effect has started now that he is no longer hiding in plain sight.

Was it serendipitous? Not really. Keeping your business and your brand in front of your target market consistently is just good marketing. When people need your service, they’ll remember you and know where to turn.

Act Two

The brand experience the little jewelry shop delivered made a memorable impression. I was able to set up an appointment online—love the mix of high touch-high tech. I was greeted at the door very cordially. The owner offered a cool drink and some conversation before we launched into the business at hand.

He told me his story by pointing to the pictures on the wall of his son and granddaughter working on some pieces. He beamed with pride as he mentioned that they chose to follow in his footsteps—no fly-by-night operation here!

He provided me information and options, an estimate and delivery expectation. Then, the lagniappe: after we concluded our business, he handed me a fresh rose.

The article piqued my interest to try his business once. The brand experience helped build loyalty. Guess to whom I’ll be sending business?

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