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That’s My Jam: Putting passion in brand personality


I have clients who run an amazing business—the business is custom commercial millwork. You’re probably wondering, “What’s so amazing about millwork?” Well, it’s not just what they fabricate, it is what they offer.

When you contact impressions for, let’s say, your swanky retail space display cabinetry or the upscale lounges for your luxury car franchises, no one picks up a tape measure and runs right over. Why? Because they aren’t just builders or cabinet-makers; they are designers, problem-solvers, goal-exceeders and experience-creators.

The team is passionate about your project. They are invested in executing perfection. You’ll see it in the steps they take to ensure that your project realizes your vision. It starts with a conversation, some specifications discussion, and perhaps some recommendations on more budget-friendly alterations, alternative materials or better options to achieve your goals. Then, all that measure-twice (well maybe three times), cut-once swings into action. From initial contact through installation, no one is just dialing it in.

Your target client will be keenly aware of how passionate you are about what you do and how invested you are in their project every step of the way. People do business with other people—not just a name on the building or a signature on a contract.

What can you do to spotlight your enthusiasm?

If you aren’t excited about what makes your business or service special how will anyone else be? Let people see that you excel at what you bring to them because, that’s your jam!

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