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Ticket to Ride: Brand facilitation—the voyage of discovery

ticket to ride

Remember back in grade school when you did something right you’d get a gold star? It acknowledged that at what you were good and encouraged you to do more of that. When you did, you got your work hung on the wall so everyone could see where you excelled. For me, it was rarely math, but I was busting with pride to get my language reports or drawings posted on the glory wall.

Today in the business world, we don’t get gold stars recognizing our shining moments. Companies are too busy with day-to-day operations delivering the expected to think about what really provides value to stakeholders. Customers appreciate the benefits you bring to them—reliable products, on-time arrivals, tasty food—but they may not be conscious of or articulate the real value that keeps them loyal and satisfied.

That’s where brand facilitation comes in. Whether I’m working with a customer to build a new brand or to energize an existing one, brand facilitation is ground zero. It guides you to discover what you do differently or better than competitors. It helps you identify the real value your brand delivers—maybe it’s exceptional customer service, hassle-free replacement, on-the-job parts service, making them feel welcome or appreciated, comfortable ambiance, thoughtful amenities—anything that makes it easier and more enjoyable to interact with your brand at every instance where they encounter it.

Once you discover your “secret sauce,” implementing and reinforcing it at every opportunity will be your ticket to ride. You skip the line of competition and gain entrée into the sphere where your ideal client makes decisions. And, you build the foundation for a strong brand relationship. Get on board!

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