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Aspire to Inspire: Leaders build great brands


What three leaders have inspired you in business? Usually, we like certain qualities a leader brings to the table even if we aren’t enamored with the whole package. For example, I am inspired by the vision of Steve Jobs. He could anticipate how to fill a need that consumers didn’t even realize they had. His approach was proactive rather than reactive: he wasn’t just seeking a solution to an existing problem, he leapfrogged beyond the problem to enhance our lifestyles. Of course, his people skills—not so much.

I find Eleanor Roosevelt’s wisdom to be reassuring: “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” That’s always a good confidence builder when you face tough negotiations or discussions. In her time, however, her activism in championing human rights brought her a lot of criticism. People labeled her a busybody.

The list goes on and on. As a leader, you are responsible for inspiring your colleagues, stakeholders, vendors and employees to participate in building a great brand. Thatís right. It all begins with you. So what can you do?

While every action you take or decision you make won’t be a winner, leaders who focus on the impact their choices have on the brand and those it touches, will build a strong brand.

Strong leaders make brand-building look effortless. Aspire to be that leader.

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