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Making Messages Magic: Gaining engagement


I noticed a couple of TV ads that got me thinking. If you are a loyal reader, you know how much I appreciate M.D. Anderson Cancer Center’s tagline, Making Cancer History. I like the double entendre that makes it memorable. It truly captures my attention.

I viewed an ad from their competitor this week that, although similar, did not quite have the same impact on me. Memorial Hermann uses a strong tagline also: Leading Medicine. It’s good. Their message is that instead of just practicing medicine, they are leading it.

Okay, so why am I not so enamored with the latter: Its subtle difference in focus.

People choose a brand based on their experiences or impression. It’s visceral. It’s an emotional decision. Emotions create engagement. When you craft your brand messaging—in everything from taglines to content—think about how to reach the feelings you want to evoke.

Choose carefully. The nuance and connotation of your words are what make messages magic.

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