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Getting to Know You: Defining your brand personality


We humans like to anthropomorphize many things. It helps us bond or relate to them better. I remember my dad always referring to our car as “she,” as in, “She needs an oil change.”

Well, brands are no different. A brand is a nebulous concept, but we help clients understand the brand better by defining its personality. Our ideal customers can relate to it and establish an emotional bond. It becomes a friend.

So how can you define and showcase your brand personality? Here are some ideas to get you thinking.

The goal of these exercises is to get to know you, the brand by:

Brand personality is powerful tool in differentiating your brand from the pack. Clarify the personality the brand is exhibiting. Discover the gap, if any, between that and the perception you would like your audience to have. From there, you can enhance the characteristics you want to showcase and alter those you don’t. Develop a winning brand personality that your customers can’t resist.

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