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Bridging the Brand: Using brand ambassadors to facilitate change

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The majority of us are change-averse, or, at least, change-reluctant. Moving from the expected, known and predictable, rocks—or at least gently shifts—our world. Change in your business can leave customers confused or uncertain about the health and direction of your brand. The downside? Confused customers don’t buy your services or products.

Recently, one of my clients opened up a business that is a brand extension of their existing company. They had mentioned to the regular, long term customers that they were adding a new business to the family for easily a year or more. However, when an email came to those clients from the new business, many of the recipients unsubscribed, because they did not realize the connection. What does this teach us?

And, being the change-dreading sheep we are makes us excellent followers. When we see that our trusted ambassadors have trod the path and are recommending a place, product or service, we listen.

So, when you bridge the brand from what is comfortable to new and unfamiliar territory, ease the transition with the help of your fan-base, using a clear message, and reinforcing it with repetition. Replace the fear of the unknown with an anticipation for what’s new.

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