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Never Wrestle with a Pig: Protecting the brand from disputes

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I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it. —George Bernard Shaw
Every company has that moment when your client perceives that their experience with the brand has gone off the rails. They feel they didn’t get what they paid for. Maybe they just didn’t feel appreciated. Perhaps, you happen to be the wrong target—the final straw—upon which they are venting every real or imagined injustice they have ever suffered.

It happens. How you handle it determines whether it escalates or is diffused. Most importantly, it defines how it will impact your brand.

In our social media world, it doesn’t always matter whether a story is true. What matters is how much it resonates with the reader. So it’s important to handle any dispute before it goes viral because, if it does, you can’t unring that bell.

Start with:

Be the cushion, not the springboard in the situation. Reduce the tension, take the passion down a notch, and allow space for a rational conclusion. The more you push to win, the more competitive the situation becomes. Don’t wrestle. Stay clean. In the end, your brand will be the real winner.

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