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Making the Mundane Magic: Opportunities to ace your brand game

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Who LOVES the car buying experience? Raise your hand. What, no one? For most, stepping foot onto the car sales lot is like dipping your toes into a tank of hungry sharks. Dangerous. Scary. Dreaded.

It’s hard to make people excited about the dealer’s brand. Sure we may be enticed by car manufacturer’s ads to visit said dealership, but once there, the experience goes South fast.

What if you could turn that on its head?  How would it be, if car shopping could be exciting and inviting rather than mundane and annoying?

Well someone appears to have done just that! A few weeks ago, this was all over the news: A regular old car sales and financing company took their brand up a notch. Carvana has reinforced the impression their brand name evokes by making the car selection and delivery system fun—car nirvana.

Carvana has taken a mundane part of their business—storing inventory in a way that maximizes pricey city real estate and protecting some cars from exposure to weather and vandalism—and turned it into a very engaging customer experience. Enter the Carvana car vending machine.

Until this hit the news, Carvana was just one of the many. But, the car vending machine: a game changer for their brand. They’ve made the mundane magic.

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