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Prophet Margin: Leading the dream

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“Nothing happens unless first a dream.”—Carl Sandburg

When you lead a company or are the standard bearer for its brand, you have a big responsibility. The onus is on you to anticipate the direction that will keep your brand at the front of the pack.

There is no crystal ball to guide you. But, you do have a secret weapon at your disposal: the ability to identify the unmet need. Tracking down the unmet need in your industry and of your target audience will give you the raw intel upon which to provide the answer to someone’s dream. You become the genie in the lamp, granting wishes, bringing relief, making life easier and bringing savings to the bottom line. You are the fairy godmother…wait, I need to stop this analogy—I am getting very awkward mental pictures.

So, how do you go about finding this unmet need?

Once you identify that unstated want, you get the keys to the castle. You have the opportunity to guide your organization to develop a solution. Your brand gains that margin of recognition that sends it to the front of the line. You are hailed as a prophet. Your company is positioned as a hero. Yada. Yada. Yada.

Okay, wake up now. You’ve got work to do. Get on it!

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