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Branding Big: Squeezing out the most bang for your buck


I get really excited when I see a business working their brand. Whether you are a corporation with deep pockets to devote to branding or a start-up on a shoestring, you have assets you may not be using fully to brand big.

What makes a brand stand out? It’s not just about a nicely designed, effective logo or a fancy web site. It’s about how you make your stakeholders feel. Everything about a brand is dependent first and foremost on the brand experience.

How can you beef up your branding without blowing the budget?

Remember, everyone your brand touches—whether a customer or not—may be an ambassador for your business. Anyone is a potential link in the referral chain for your company, so it’s essential they have a good impression. Often the smallest things—those that cost little or nothing—give you a huge bang for your branding bucks. For example,

Pay attention to these basic things. You’ll get big, sustainable branding bang without blowing your budget.

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