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My Hero: Showcasing the star of your success story

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You have a passion for what you do and for doing it well. And, part of that passion comes from the satisfaction you derive from filling an unmet need. It’s gratifying to be the reason your clients are doing the happy dance. But, it’s more than gratifying; it’s an opportunity.

So, instead of droning on about the nuts and bolts of your capabilities, showcase your brand and your business by sharing a hero story.

A hero story can be about how your customer increased profits without sacrificing safety or the environment using the solution your business developed for her.

Tell how your client got industry recognition for an insightful solution—on which you collaborated to develop.

Or, maybe, the client-hero of your story is giving back to the community through skills training programs, supported with materials and technical talent your business donated.

The Client and Supplier relationship is symbiotic. Your mutual success depends upon one another. When you shine the light on your customer’s wins, employing the solutions and support you bring, your brand gets stronger.

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