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Just One: Making time to shine


When you are in a leadership position in your organization or you are the master of your own universe, running your own business, you are bombarded with people to manage, projects to oversee and work to accomplish. It can be so easy to take your focus from building your brand.

It seems the busier you are—especially when the bottom line is looking strong—the need to promote loses its importance. It’s not until slow times hit that we scramble to market and then, Catch-22, there is less budget to do so.

That’s why it is essential to set aside even 30 minutes a week to examine the brand. See what is winning for you and what doesn’t work. Choose the best initiative and focus on that.

Maybe presenting at conferences showcases your expertise and generates leads. Perhaps staying in touch with customers through a weekly enewsletter, blog post or phone call, keeps your company top-of-mind and customers connected. Perhaps events—whether it’s brown bag seminars, lunch-and-learns, or weekly tastings—pique new interest in your business.

While it is great to have a full range of marketing activities, if you aren’t making time to execute them properly, it’s best to take a step back. Choose just one. Do it consistently. Do it well. Taking time to make your brand shine is an investment that pays dividends.

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