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Daft Definitions: April Fools’ Day Fun


Once a year, why not take time out to enjoy a lighter side of branding? Here are some off-the-wall definitions of branding and marketing terms. Do you have any of your own?

Brainstorm—Your right brain on Red Bull. The little grey cells are doing wild, often erratic gyrations.

Brand—The special-ness of doing business with your company. The memories. The feelings. The anti-lemmings cure. The Stepford preventative.

Brand Ambassador—Fanboy or Fangirl. They drink the Kool-aid. They may even home-brew the Kool-aid. They are your friend…and they want everyone they encounter to love you, too.

Brand Personality—Think of Joey from Friends vs. Margaret Thatcher: See how different they are? That’s what your brand personality does—shows people what to expect from your business.

Ideate—What you do before you create. How you waste time when you can’t create. It’s MBAs brainstorming and definitely without the Red Bull.

Logo—What you think is your brand. Nope. It’s just the wrapper, not the whole enchilada.

Touchpoints—Like germs on the subway, these are everywhere. Anytime, anywhere, any way your brand intersects with an interested party is a touchpoint. May yours be a positive contagion.

Enjoy your April Fools’ Day on Saturday. Let loose!

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