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Pitfalls of a Pleaser: Why your brand can't be everything to everybody


When your brand tries to be everything to everybody it ends up being nothing to anyone. Why? Because to please everyone, the essence of why your target audience chooses you has to get dumbed down, dulled, smoothed over or plain-ified (yes, I made that up), so that no one is offended or dislikes something about what your brand represents.

The strong elixir that is your special sauce is watered down. When that happens, you aren’t pleasing the most important people you want to reach: your target audience. These folks are your Steady Eddies—they’ll be with you through thick and thin, good times and bad. They do business with your company because of what it stands for. If you betray that trust, you are selling your brand down the river for an impermanent and probably disloyal audience.

Donít be a pleaser.

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