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Any Takers? How NOT to choose a logo designer


I was reading posts in an online business group in which I participate. These are business professionals, entrepreneurs and some even serial entrepreneurs. Not slouches. So, I was astounded when a member mentioned that she was starting another venture, gave a very brief mention of what the company would be, that she needed a logo, and ended with, “Any takers?”

Seriously? It’s not her first rodeo. She should know better. Yet, she doesn’t. She just threw it out there, no mention of goals, no description of demographics, no portrait of an ideal client, no mention of brand personality. Zero. Zip. Nada.

No importance was placed on building a strong foundation for her brand. No expectations were set about what she was looking for in a designer.

What message does that send out to a potential designer? It says, “I’m just dangling my line in the water, hoping to snap big talent for small bucks.” It implies that she isn’t committed enough to building a brand to have set parameters and expectations. It says, “I don’t care; why should you?”

To her, the logo is just decoration. She doesn’t understand the value a strong identity brings to her company. She is not serious.

Don’t be her. You’ll only start your business off on weak footing. If you aren’t ready to commit to a logo, keep it simple by just using a nice type font. When you’re ready, do a proper search for a professional, not a “taker.”

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