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Keeping Up Connections: Transitioning the brand through personnel changes

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Brand currency is a terrible thing to squander. It is hard won and difficult to recoup, but can be relatively easy to maintain and grow—if you treat it like the valuable asset it is.

I had a personal experience with a business that missed that opportunity recently. I rang up the practice of my eye doctor to get an appointment for my annual vision exam. I know they expect me. I’ve been going regularly for several years. I stuck with them when they moved from a close, convenient location to one further away in the congested Medical Center. The reason I did was because I love my doctor. She diagnosed my vision issue when other more touted specialists missed it. I am loyal to her.

So imagine my shock when I called and discovered she had “retired” from the practice. I was very surprised because the practice had been sending me postcards and emails well in advance to remind me to schedule my appointment. There was ample time for someone to pick up the phone, shoot me an email or snail-mail me a note informing me my doctor had left the practice and to take the opportunity to let me know about the other doctors who would like to continue my care. No one reached out.

They would have transitioned my loyalty and kept my confidence in their brand had they:

Whether it’s a medical practice, consumer or business-to-business company, the most frequent contact at your place of business is the face of the brand to your customer. We are all change-averse, so be deliberate and thoughtful in transitioning your clients to a new brand contact. Reach out and let them know they will receive the same level of care and attention.

Personnel changes happen. Make it a positive opportunity to reach out to your audience and make them feel appreciated for their loyalty to your brand.

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