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Failure to Thrive: Corner-cutting kills commitment

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I have vivid recollections from my days inside corporate marketing departments of how branding and marketing programs languish, fail to thrive, and ultimately die.

It’s the corner-cutting that starts with leadership due to a lack of commitment. That smell of dissipating commitment wafts down to those tasked with bringing results.

The chiseling usually starts when impatient leaders are disappointed to discover two things:

If you, as an owner or C-level executive, aren’t committed to setting defined achievable goals and providing adequate resources, time, and training to make an initiative work, that sends a clear message to those responsible for implementing it. They won’t be “into it.”

So, the short story is if you’re going to brand, rebrand or market, set realistic expectations and adequate resources. Give your team what they need to sustain the initiative and make it thrive: Your commitment as the leader.

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