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Dealbreakers: Knowing when to say NO

say no

When you have a sales quota to hit or you own your own business, it’s hard to turn away customers. Revenue is revenue. It all spends the same…in theory.

However, if you think “anyone” is your customer, you may come to realize that sales income and profit are not the same. Sometimes a sale commands a heavy cost.

It’s important to identify your ideal customer and what makes them “ideal.”

If a client isn’t a good fit, meeting their demands may create havoc with your systems or generate a toxic environment for employees. When that happens, it impacts your brand. It diverts your company from what makes it successful. Your ideal customers will feel the change and that relationship may suffer.

So, sometimes, although we don’t want to turn away business, if it’s not a good fit, we have to say, “no thank you.” As a leader, you need to know where that line is in the sand, so you can protect your organization and your brand.

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