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Feeling It: Logos don’t lie

McDonald building

Have you ever noticed when you look at certain brand’s logos you have emotional, perhaps even visceral responses?

Obvious ones are fast food logos or trade dress. If you’re driving hungry and you see the golden arches (whether you try to eat healthy or not) chances are you start to salivate and your stomach begins to rumble as you virtually experience those salty, crispy, hot and greasy fries. (It’s happening now, isnít it?)

Some of us get a little twitchy when we see the Apple logo, dreaming of the techie high that comes from new devices.

For you motor heads, spotting the Harley-Davidson or Bentley wings may transport you on your fantasy ride.

This is why you need to take your logo development seriously. This tiny symbol will need to encapsulate the experience of doing business with your brand. Avoid choosing something generic—clip art slapped next to a generic type font—because that won’t set you apart. Don’t assume simple and clean is a bad choice—essential elements are easier for the viewer to lock into memory and associate with how your brand made them feel.

Most importantly, “I don’t like it” is not a valid reason to reject a logo, unless you exemplify the ideal client you hope to attract. Those clients need to identify with it. They need to feel your brand experience each time they see your logo used.

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