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Herding Hopes: Three factors to keep brand expectations real


Every business secretly or not-so-secretly hopes that their brand will become as ubiquitous, memorable and beloved as Nike or Apple. But, those brands weren’t born overnight nor did they effortlessly achieve the reputation they enjoy today.


So, while there is nothing wrong with dreaming big or bigger, getting your brand out there in front of your target audience depends on the brand experience you build by balancing three factors:

Time. Reach. Money.

Here’s how it works:

In a perfect world, all our ideal clients would line up to hear about our fabulous businesses. That doesn’t happen in the real world, so you need to prioritize which resources you have the most of and what is most important when you strategize how to promote your brand. Balance your expectations based on your timeframe requirement, audience size, and budget. Realistic expectations will yield real results.

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