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Sell vs. Support: Branding is bonding


If customers enjoyed the experience of being “sold to” then places like used car lots would be a whole lot more respected. If clients wanted an “off the rack” solution, they’d be tracking down the lowest price, because that’s what ready-made, one-size-fits all is all about.

But, I’ll wager your clients come to you to help them find solutions. They want someone who will listen to the challenge they need to solve. They need a resource who will hear their goals. They want an expert who can read between the lines and discover which elements would take them to the next level. They’d like a collaborator to bridge the gap between what they have now and what they need to take them above and beyond. In the bigger picture, they need your business to help make their offering better.

When you do that, your brand positions itself to become that which makes their brand better. Supporting your client in this way builds a long-term bond that pulls your relationship together for mutual success. To the contrary “selling” tends to satisfy a short-term need and then, the client pushes away.

Building a bond helps build your brand.

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