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Sorry/Not Sorry—Is the customer always right?

emperor's new clothes

It’s been drilled into our heads: The customer is always right. But is that so?

What makes customers buy from you? Why do clients choose you to advise them? If you have branded yourself well, they come to you because you can satisfy an unmet need. Sure, you may have amazing products, insights, mad skills or expertise that fulfills their basic requirements, but they likely come to you for something else, too.

It’s not the product or service alone, it’s the trust. Trust that you will guide them to a better solution or result than they might not otherwise have achieved. Confidence that if something comes up, that you have their back, because it’s not your first rodeo.

Customers come to you for your expertise and experience, not for you to be a yes-man or yes-woman. Sometimes they are headed the wrong way and it’s your duty to get them on course to their goals. When they are standing there exposed, they don’t need you to tell them how pretty their outfit is. No, sometimes you have to tell the Emperor his new clothes just aren’t cutting it.

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