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Enough Already: Leaving space


Have you ever been in a business meeting or social situation where the other person does all the talking? You keep waiting for your opportunity to interject and participate in the conversation, but it’s one-way, all the way.

It becomes overwhelming. Your eyes glaze over. You’ve stopped listening. It’s just too much to take in. You want to get out of there!

Well, without realizing it, your brand may be doing the same thing. It’s an outward push of communication without allowing mental space to invite the customer to join in.

For example, the other day, I was on a travel web site I visit frequently. I’ve developed loyalty to the site because of the relevant content they provide. I’m already a subscriber to their daily e-newsletter.

I clicked a link from their email to an article. They’ve gotten me to their site—the goal of the newsletter! Then, I abruptly realize that they’ve decided to use interruptive marketing: As I open the article, a response box drops down, blocking the article, asking me to sign-up for the newsletter.

They’ve missed an opportunity. They should be using the cookies they capture to identify how I was directed to their site. Then, rather than pushing me away by treating me like a stranger, they could have included a welcome greeting, recognizing me as a subscriber or returning visitor.

Doing so would have been a simple way to strengthen their brand. They could have allowed me into their conversation, bonding me to their brand. Instead, by not creating space for me to interact with their brand, they’ve lost me. And, loyalty is a terrible asset to lose.

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