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Technology vs. Talent: It's not a tool in the hands of a fool


Some of my fondest memories from childhood were the moments spent alongside my dad in his workshop. He came from a family of craftsmen and a time when self-sufficiency was the mark of a man.

It was a quiet, Zen-like experience, watching him focusing on the task at hand. He had some amazing toolsóand insisted on using the right tool for the job. When I was given my own small toolbox, it was a proud moment.

I learned how to use the tools properly. When I would try to MacGyver something, grabbing whatever device was nearby, I was set straight.

Today, we are lucky to have a friend in technology. So many things that used to require a practiced hand, thorough knowledge and an investment of time, can be done quickly and easily using computers and smart phones. Itís like adding a superpower to your skillset.

However, if you donít understand what you are trying to do or have no talent for it, no amount of technology can compensate for that deficit. I see this a lot with companies taking on branding or rebranding. Some may be lulled into thinking novices with computers can do the job of a trained professional. Thatís not the case and can lead to costly mistakes and missed opportunities.

As a leader, your true talent may be knowing when to step away from the DIY and call in the experts. Technology is only a tool.

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