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Nailed It: Conveying Value

Stop bird

I enjoy taking time away to refuel my creativity and seeing things with new eyes. While I was traveling in Spain last month, we stopped by the Alhambra’s grounds. I noticed some workmen installing a product—basically, spike strips—to dissuade pigeons from nesting on the decorative molding. There is a big market for this in cities and historic sites. What surprised me was the product name: StopBird.

Since this is a Spanish company, I found it interesting that they chose an English name. I assume they did so because the installers and potential target audiences for the product may speak a variety of languages, but English is the common currency.

Kudos to this company for thinking of the big picture and taking into account the needs of their client when choosing a name.

Also, I applaud them for clearly expressing the value of the product in the name. They nailed it.

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