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The Sparkle in Your Sizzle: What’s really selling your brand?


Just about anyone in business is familiar with the Elmer Wheeler adage, “Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle.” But, sometimes what you think is the sizzle may not be the whole story.

Loyal readers, you’ve heard me go on ad nauseam about touting the value that your company brings to its customers rather than just bragging about the features which you’re most proud of. Customers don’t need to know how to do what you do—that just ruins the magic.

However, as I discovered recently, it’s essential to really be crystal clear about the sizzle—the value. As an example, a vendor (and friend) of mine has recently retired. Her staff is top notch and have been trained by her so the transition is smooth.

But, the sizzle has lost some of the sparkle. You can replace someone with another who does the exact same thing, but it just doesn’t feel the same. That something extra—the feeling that they make your needs theirs—can’t be trained.

Being aware of this is key. Find someone to lead the team who has that same commitment and investment in doing the absolute best—someone who feels the needs of the customer. It is a challenge to achieve but truly something to aspire to.

Identify the essence of your sizzle. It’s always that little something extra that keeps brands alive.

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