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The Wonder of Words: Nerdy notes on nuances

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Full disclosure: I’ve always been a bit of a word nerd. It’s something of an addiction abetted over the years by such culprits as Mary McManus, my former high school honors rhetoric teacher, friends who send me links to grammar blogs, and buddies who gift me things like a tote bag emblazoned with “I’m silently correcting your grammar.” You know who you are.

Lately, my appreciation for the subtlety of just the right word and the nuances of connotation have been heightened by an online Spanish-English chat group in which I’m involved. Nothing sharpens your linguistic skills as much as explaining the nuances that make one word more effective than another in a given context.

My renewed vigor for vocabulary got me thinking about the impact of words on building your brand. When your brand “talks” it needs to have a defined style. The words you use reinforce the message you want to communicate.

Choose words that will

Enter the wonderful world of words and use them artfully. They can make or break your brand.

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