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Get Out the Paddles—Your Brand May Be Flatlining!

I think most of us have seen this. You’re in a swanky restaurant and notice some nicely dressed woman saunter from the ladies’ room, oblivious that she is trailing toilet paper from her Manolos or has her dress stuck in the waist of her pantyhose in back. No one wants to be that person. You feel embarrassed for her. Someone has to tell her.

Well, my friend, I have to tell you something. No, don’t look down—there’s no TP and your fly isn’t down or anything like that. But it is embarrassing nonetheless. It’s about your brand.

Your web site is draped in cobwebs. It has not been updated since it was launched. Thankfully there is not a news section because now that would be called “History.”

Your previous customers haven’t heard from you in so long, they think you may be dead.

And, no, social media doesn’t mean a MySpace page. Vlog is not a Nordic folk hero.

If you build it (and neglect it) they will NOT come. 

Doing nothing while everyone else is moving forward, in effect, means you are moving backward.

Your brand is dying.

So what can you do? Well, get out the paddles; all is not lost. Following a plan, such as what I offer in my Strategic Brand Energizer, can turn things around.

Some things to address are:

Brand Value—does the way you present your company at every touch point reflect accurately the value it brings to customers today?

Positioning—are you communicating your expertise and building your reputation through enewsletters, blog, ezines or social media?

Engaging—does your web site communicate your brand and make is easy for customers and visitors to get the information they need?

Communication—Are you using the same old brochures you’ve had for years?

Don’t let your brand flatline! Get out the paddles with a strategic plan to bring it back to life. A brand is a living entity that needs nurturing to keep it vibrant and growing. Okay, there, I’ve said it. Don’t be embarrassed. Get busy!

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