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We Don't Need No Stinkin’ Badges:
Branding is more than your logo.

In my neighborhood, we know everybody by their dog: “Oh, that’s Darrel’s dad,” “here comes compulsive-little-barking-dog’s mom,” or “there’s Otis, the Ridgeback, taking his dad for a stroll.” With few exceptions, in the ’hood, a person’s brand—our first impression of them—is their dog. And, we draw conclusions about the person by their dog’s behavior, their dog handling skills and similar dog-governed criteria.

Take for example, the woman whose hand and ear are always glued together by her cell phone, while walking her dog off–lease and failing to pick-up. Recently, her dog dashed across a busy street toward us, and she never paused in her phone call to corral it. Her brand was built as a bunch of adjectives ran through my mind defining who she is: inconsiderate, irresponsible, distracted, inattentive, oblivious…and a few others I’ll skip. She might have a bunch of fine qualities, but all I see is what she puts out there in actions.

In business, we see a similar situation. A company might spend tens—or even hundreds—of thousands of dollars developing the right logo to convey their image and ensure it is consistently used. That is good, but it’s just a start. Your logo is the embodiment of your brand not the whole of your brand.

Your brand includes the experience you create around it. It is what you do, what those representing your company do, how easy you make it for customer to find you and do business with you. It is how welcoming your office, your tradeshow booth, your web site and your mobile app are to your ideal customer. It may be how much you participate in industry functions or support activities in your community. It’s the how not just the what.

While your logo may be the badge by which you identify your company, the experience you create around your business, is your brand. When you wear your brand personality loud and proud in every experience, customers will self–select to choose you. You will shorten the sales cycle by helping the right clients discover that your company is a good fit. Let your brand experience tell your story…don’t rely solely on “no stinkin’ badges.”

First Impression ChecklistFor a quick revelation of what may be missing from your brand experience, before you even engage your prospective client, download my free First Impression Checklist. It’ll give you some tips you can employ right away and provides a glimpse of the value a thorough brand evaluation can provide.


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